Stephen M. Cooke Company designs, engineers and builds machinery to automate the manufacturing processes for national and international industries whose products you may rely on every day.

We understand the fierce competition in the manufacturing industry and the need to streamline every aspect of production, from plastic molding through assembly and packaging. Each second in the production time of every piece counts on the bottom line.

At Stephen M. Cooke Company we are comfortable working within those strict parameters set by cost and quality, referred to as value by the end user. From simply adding pick and place mechanisms to eliminate time wasting operations, to designing and building fully computerized assembly lines we have the expertise to decrease production time and the precision to increase quality resulting in increased value or "The Competitive Edge."

Over the years our knowledge of value has helped develop long-lasting partnerships with clients as diverse as we are flexible clients that demand service, quality and value. Clients such as: Pitney-Bowes, Formica, GM New Departure, Sikorsky Aircraft, Wittmann Robots, Becton-Dickinson, Avery Dennison, Stanley Tools, Duracell and others.

We continue to supply our clients with state-of-the-art design and engineering for all their automation challenges. From material handling, parts feeding, machine loading or unloading to PLC and computer controlled robot systems, quality inspection equipment and automatic assembly & packaging machinery, Stephen M. Cooke Company has the knowledge, experience and skills to increase the value of your product.

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