Machine Loading Applications
The heart of most automation is the proper location of parts for assembly, loading or other operations. Stephen M. Cooke Company has extensive experience feeding and handling heavy, bulky, oddly shaped and miniature parts as well as delicate parts such as the foil insert shown being loaded into an injection mold.

In this example, an operator loads four foils into a special staging fixture (1). A specially designed pick and place loader (2) takes them from the fixture and positions them in the mold (3). The mold closes and is injected with plastic.

When the mold opens and releases the finished parts, another pick and place device (4) located behind the mold extends to remove the runner and the four foils with edges now encapsulated in plastic. A degater device (5) removes the foils from the runner and the four parts slide down a chute onto a conveyor (6) to ride back to the operator for inspection and packaging. The runner is discarded into a bin for granulation.

Foil inserts and gates after molding.


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