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Stephen M. Cooke Company's
Automated Website

Requires Shockwave Plug-In from Macromedia

Most major browsers are currently shipping with the plug-in installed. If you're not sure if you have the plug-in, go to the Automated Website -- if the plug-in is not installed your browser will prompt you to get it.

Stephen M. Cooke Company's
Static Website

No Plug-Ins required, but we highly recommend taking the time to get Shocked!

About the Automated Website:
We have animated the above "Robot Assembly Line" using Macromedia's Director. The "movie" includes a control panel which allows the user to start, stop and step the movie. There is also a slider which changes the speed of the robot in Frames Per Second (FPS). The two readouts indicate the speed you have requested of the robot and the speed that is actually attained, giving you an idea of the capability of your computer.

Just as Macromedia's Shockwave is at the leading edge of internet technology, Stephen M. Cooke Company is determined to be a leader in the automation engineering field.

We hope you'll find our site exciting and informative!

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